I’ve been lurking on Tumblr for the past few weeks but haven’t posted because I just moved to NYC and have had a lot going on. However, I have been intently following the events that are unfolding in Ferguson.

I’m not sure what else to say that hasn’t been said/reblogged by

as well as countless Tumblr users who have been posting and reblogging important tweets, videos, and articles (the above blogs are just some of the news blogs I follow, but shamefully not all of the news blogs I follow have been posting about this issue).

I think the most important piece I’ve read so far has been "12 things white people can do now because of Ferguson" by Janee Woods. As a white person, the only thing I can do is to use my privilege to educate myself and understand the struggles of the oppressed, as well as take direct action to tear apart the current system of oppression.

People are literally dying.

Black people are dying and it’s not your personal fault that black people are dying because you’re white but if you don’t make a purposeful choice to become a white ally and actively work to dismantle the racist system running America for the benefit of white people then it becomes your shame because you are white and black lives matter. And if you live your whole life and then die without making a purposeful choice to become a white ally then American racism becomes your legacy.

The choice is yours.